Smart security

Solutions for authorities

Increase efficiency and automatically identify suspects and vehicles.


camera feeds / server


faster face matching*

Automatically identify persons, license plates and objects using AI -based machine vision in order to automate processes and decrease manual tasks.

MarshallAI for authorities enables face recognition in real-time and searching from recorded footage. When the point of interest isn’t related to persons, the system identifies e.g. vehicles, trains, airplanes and ships.

The solution fits as well the needs related to crisis situations as automation of different processes for day-to-day operations. All solutions can be run in demanding field environments using on-device processing, at the edge connecting a bunch of camera feeds as well as in the private cloud processing thousands of feeds in parallel.



MarshallAI has created the Rugged Edge Intelligence Device™ to enable quick deployment, power independence and superior security in line with all privacy legislation. REID can carry out different tasks; person identification, car search or specific objects detected.

  • Fully stand-alone
  • Battery life 1-7 days
  • Secure communication
  • No privacy risks