AI4Cities: Final event in Amsterdam

Oct 04, 2022

AI4Cities project is reaching its closure and all three phases have now been completed. We are delighted to share the results of the work carried out over these past three years in developing and improving our solution for traffic optimisation using AI. The project will culminate in the World Summit AI event, where all the seven AI4Cities finalists will present their innovations aiming to tackle the mobility and energy challenges in European cities. The event takes place in Amsterdam on 12-13 October.

Earlier this year, we announced that we were selected for the third and final phase of the AI4Cities project.

Results of the AI4Cities Project

The Ix3 solution can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from urban transport without any negative effect on any traffic user. In other words, traffic can be optimized by eliminating the unnecessary stops and dead seconds when no one is moving at an intersection, without jeopardizing traffic safety.

In the final phase of the AI4Cities project, Ix3 was tested in two cities, Meudon in the Paris region and Suutarila in Helsinki. The results show that the solution could avoid more than 60,000 vehicle stops per year at the intersections where the trials took place. Helsinki-wide this means around 10 million stops and around 17 man-years of unnecessary waiting time at red lights. Together, these represent a reduction in emissions of around 2% compared to the current situation. Previous analyses at other intersections have shown an even higher potential for emission reductions of up to 7%.

MarshallAI will continue developing and offering the solution to cities across the world. If your city is interested in lowering the emissions from traffic and increase the quality of life for the citizens, do not hesitate to contact us!

Meet us at the World Summit AI

We are excited to wrap up the AI4Cities project and showcase our final results at the World Summit AI in Amsterdam. For two days at the WSAI, AI4Cities will host a stand, where each supplier will present their work in collaboration with their cities. We, together with our pilot city Paris, will be presenting how Ix3 has been tested, improved, and developed during the project, and how it is helping cities to reach fewer emissions and increased safety.

Join us at AI4Cities stand A30! We will be presenting at the following times:

12 October 11:15 – 12:30 – MarshallAI & Greater Paris
13 October 10:15 – 11:30 – MarshallAI

Read more about AI4Cities or contact us to learn more about our unique traffic management solutions.

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