Smart city

Smart intersection

Improved safety, better flows and reduced emissions.


less rush hour emissions

2 213

hours saved / year

Optimise traffic flows by adding intelligence to traffic management and traffic light controls.

Integrating real-time video analysis to traffic light management increases situational awareness and decreases overall time lost waiting. Detect the different vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians approaching intersections and control lights with real and accurate situational data.

Decrease congestion, lost time and emissions thus improving the quality of life of traffic users. The MarshallAI Smart Intersection is a device agnostic solution that supports easy integrations to existing traffic management systems. MarshallAI is an excellent partner for smarter traffic solutions, without a need to change the underlying systems.


Smart traffic sensing integrated to the traffic management system enable better flows and reduced emissions.

City of Stockholm

"Multifunction sensor"

The City of Stockholm has a goal to be the smartest city in the world by 2020. As part of this strategy the traffic management is redesigned based on camera based traffic sensing.

  • Edge processing in the control cabinet
  • Detailed road user analytics
  • Real-time vehicle type detection
  • Integration to traffic controller
The city of Stockholm