The Intelligent Layer of
Physical Security

A real-time, fully transparent overview and total control over your most valuable assets.

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AI-powered security management platform for proactive security professionals

Comprehensive Security Status for Chief Security Officers

Get accecss to real-time, insightful security status, compare historical perfomances and predict future risk levels.

In-Depth Situational Awareness fors Security Supervisors

Efficiently observe and track down active threats in browser and VR compatible 3D digital twin of your site. Get smart action proposals and be better prepared.

Predictive Intelligence for Command Centers and Central Intelligence Units

Get ahead of the game by automatically analyzing terabites of security data from various data streams to capture previously indistinguishable events and hidden signals to successfully prevent and mitigate threats to secure safety of your targets.

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Supercharge your existing security infrastrucre with
artificial intelligence

   Seemless integration on the top of your existing infrastructure

Marshall's pre-built tools and API's enable to smoothly connect your different data sources.

   SaaS era convenience for on-premise installations

Container based architechture guarantees and scalability makes on premise installations a trivial task.

   High-grade security

Battle-tested industry-grade security protocols and standards.


Present your product, start up, or portfolio in a beautifully modern way. Turn your visitors in to clients.

  • Actionable, Real-time overview

    Marshall automatically processes massive datastreams and identifies actionable insights in real-time.

  • Advanced Analytics and Predictive Intelligence

    State-of-the-art time series and video intelligence models for detecting anomalies and predicting future threats.

  • Data-driven risk assesment and monitoring

    Enrich expert based risk assesments with observed sensor data and adjust risk score based on fresh, perceived evidence.

responsive devices


 Efficiently observe and track down active threats

Connected, digital 3D models of sites enable powerful visualization of on-going threats and malfunctioning devices.

 Visualize log history

Conveniently navigate through time and perceive previous states to gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

 Use insights to evaluate your perfomance and to proactively solve tomorrows challenges

Leverage the power of machine learning for smarter planning and decision making.

responsive devices

Automatically analyse terabites of data. Harness the information potential of your existing datastreams using modern machine learning techiques.

Structured or unstructured. Time series alarm data or surveillance streams, Marshall AI distills the insights for you.

Use cases

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State-of-the-art intelligence for high-grade enterprise and national security targets

  • - Real-time mass monitoring to gain total control and full transparency over your most valuable targets.
  • - Capture previously indistinguishable and unseen signals to ensure nothing gets unseen.
  • - Intelligent threat prediction and data-driven risk management
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Smart security management for smart industry and critical infrastructure

  • - Efficiently observe and track down active threats in mobile ready, real-time, data enriched digital twin of your plant
  • - Take immediate, smarter reactions
  • - Make better informed decisions and resource planning
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Next level surveillance and threat prediction for retail and public safety

  • - Real-time overview and control over your sites
  • - Automatically detect threats, e.q. suspicious persons and behaviour, firearms, violence and robberies
  • "Instead of 2, with Marshall every security supervisor has million restless eyes reporting every abnormality"

    Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    Peter Finlan, Head of Surveillance

  • Sedna Testimonial Avatar

    "For the first time I have total control over my sites."

    Manoela Ilic, Founder @ Codrops.