Smart city

Smart traffic data

Accurate, detailed and real-time data about all road users.


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traffic user categories

Enhance your traffic infrastructure with AI to build a base for comprehensive and real-time data collection, traffic analysis and seamless integrations.

The MarshallAI Smart Traffic Data brings machine vision capabilities to intersections and enables comprehensive statistics about traffic.

Using traffic cameras the system detects all vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and monitors their routes, speeds, dwell times in lights, vehicle types and much more. The system is device agnostic and can utilise existing surveillance technology with no need for hardware updates.


Smart traffic sensing using traffic cameras, AI and virtual counting lines.

City of Vantaa

"Smart Traffic Flows"

The City of Vantaa collects realtime information about the different road users in several intersections. This helps all citizens move around faster, safer and with lower traffic emissions.

  • Better flows and throughput
  • Safer pedestrian crossings
  • Optimised rush hours
  • Prioritised public transport