Better situational awareness makes it easier to make educated decisions.

Defending the interests of a nation or an area include identifying and neutralising threats as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of if it is related to air, land or sea, it requires processing huge amounts of data from various sources. When the threat is imminent, crucial data needs to be filtered out immediately in hectic situations. When there is no identified threat, data needs to be processed untiredly, in order to identify potential threats as early as possible.

MarshallAI is built to do exactly that. No matter if it is visual data from cameras or radars, audio data from different sources, log data or other sensor data. Tireless on duty and always on call.

The best final decisions are most often made by humans. Thus we focus on giving the personnel an as clear as possible situational awareness - filter out the irrelevant and highlight the relevant. Defence related solutions often run on the device itself and are later connected to the base station.


Examples of our defence industry solutions vary both in complexity and size:

  • Object classification in real-time
  • Audio analysing and alerting
  • Pattern recognition and analysing
  • Monitoring of high security areas