We provide a wide range of solutions, including on-device, edge and cloud computing.

Automated surveillance

Increased security through instant threat identification based on computer vision.

  • Monitor car parking in forbidden zones
  • Measure flows and vehicle speed & direction
  • Integrate face-recognition to access control systems
  • Identify persons and other objects at areas of interest
  • Detect abandoned luggage or prohibited items e.g. weapons

Edge audio

Automate hearing intensive work. Use artificial intelligence to assist stressful field tasks.

  • Classification of different sounds
  • Removal of background noise

Edge vision

From light edge to heavy edge. We provide you hardware and software that meet your needs.

  • Object detection and counting
  • Trigger actions based on pre-defined rule
  • Track object speed and direction

People analytics

Introduce advanced KPIs, measure flows and instantly identify peaks and bottlenecks.

  • Count people and cars
  • Measure crowd movement
  • Detect loitering and suspicious behaviour
  • Track new KPIs e.g. shopping bags

Vision server

Automate your vision intensive work. Accelerated computing unit with pre-installed deep learning software to do the heavy work for you.

  • Analyse terabytes of footages or thousand simultaneous streams
  • Detect custom objects
  • Count custom objects
  • Track custom objects
  • Identify Person of Interest
  • Recognize events and actions
  • Create heatmaps and summaries

Workplace safety solutions

Increase safety at work and security on site using MarshallAI computer vision.

  • Workplace safety based on PPE identification
  • Intelligent access control including face recognition
  • Real-time monitoring of hazardous areas
  • Specific object detection in the perimeter