Leave the AI hype on the door step - we make real applications that work!


We are a leading independent deep learning solutions provider for defense, security and safety industries. We put a high value on people’s privacy, ethical use of the data and operational reliability.


Our solutions are always designed to meet highest ethical and privacy standards. For us it’s important that these modern powerful technologies are used with consideration. We work in tight co-operation with law makers, academia and civils to create a framework for privacy-preserving, consent driven usage of modern day surveillance technologies.

We are also committed to educate decision makers and citizens to increase awareness and transparency in order to find a sustainable form, that we all can live with.


We are always looking for strategic partnerships to co-create unmatched offerings to solve real-world problems on a global scale.

If you represent an integrator, a camera vendor, a telecom operator, an infrastructure provider, an IoT -device manufacturer, a private security company and are looking for edge-ready deep learning solutions, do not hesitate to contact us at partnerships@marshallai.com!


Want to be part of our journey?


We are hiring ambitious software engineers to join us to build edge-ready deep learning solutions for challenging environments.

High privacy, limited computing and low connectivity constraints doesn't scare you. You are interested in SRE and/or Audio & Video Data Engineering. You know some of the following; Python, NodeJS, C, C++, Cuda, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Cri-o, Prometheus, Katakri, Linux, VPN, Hardening, Air gap. Last but not least, you are not a convicted spy.
Please give us a ping so that we can talk!


Business development

We are looking for ambitious, senior B2B & B2G business development professionals who are excited to work with high profile clients and a disruptive technology.