Robust, production ready platform for deep learning -based solutions in any environment.

Supercharge your IoT offering with edge-ready deep learning capabilities

From intelligent chest cams to smart bus stops, MarshallAI is the perfect solution for IoT-devices.

Optimize your internal and privacy sensitive operations

  • Zero-touch lifecycle management
  • Federated Learning
  • Active Learning
  • LAN & 4G connection
  • Transfer meta-data only

Plug & Play

Compliant and fault-tolerant software with optimized latency and state-of-the-art accuracy delivers always highly performing predictions - even in challenging edge environments.

MarshallAI works with any infrastructure. Use MarshallAI platfrom on any public cloud or in your private data center, hybrid environment, virtualized or bare metal. MarshallAI lets you focus on what matters - creating more value by solving real-world problems.


Leverage the MarshallAI platform that works off-the-shelf within every infrastructure, with most popular datasources and frameworks.

Finetune our pre-trained and customizable models with your sensitive and proprietary data to get up and running with your own high quality predictions in no time.

Anonymisation & GDPR compliance

Our solutions are designed to meet the highest ethical and privacy standards. We never store footage or identifiable parts of data without a permission or a legal reason. Faces and similar elements are always anonymised.

Production-ready cutting-edge technology

We build high end production software that embeds the latest AI advances, with scientific rigor and creativity. We have an extensive experience in building, deploying and maintaining high performing deep learning solutions.