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Real-time PPE Monitoring Solution


Marshall AI’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) monitoring solution leverages proprietary deep learning in real-time video analysis to verify that employees are wearing the required personal protection equipment.

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How does it work?


Convenient Setup

Use our dedicated tiny edge cameras or connect any existing IP-camera on your site. Marshall AI receives a stream of the video (in parallel to any other application) and starts to idenfity potential hazards.


Deep Learning Based PPE Monitoring

The deep learning AI process identifies specified objects in real-time. If a preset condition is met (i.e. person but no helmet), an alert is triggered and evidence picture with timestamp and location information is saved.


Prevent & Educate

The alert can i.e. go into another system (restricting access) or be sent as to the on-duty supervisor's mobile phone enabling taking immeadiate action to prevent. Summaries of detected hazards are made easily available for further usage, reporting and education.

Safety first.

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Use cases

Where does this apply?


Employee safety

The safety at work is always one of the most important KPI’s for all businesses, especially for those who are operating with machines and chemicals such as laboratories, construction sites, processing industries and sterile environments.



By replacing a manual error-prone checking process with our automated AI-based approach supports and benefits employees while increasing productivity by saving time and money. 100% automated workplace protection system that has compliance to operate in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Our real-time PPE monitoring solution detects hazardous events to develop new PPE training, therefore it is constantly evolving to suit your business needs.


Battle-tested performance and security

MarshallAI has been up and running since 2015. It's trusted by high compliance authorities such as military forces, national security agencies, private security service groups and Fortune 500 companies.


High compliance - beyond enterprise

Military-grade security and availability. MarshallAI is trusted by high compliance authorities such as military forces, national security agencies and private security companies.


Standalone - designed for on-premise

Fault-tolerant software with optimized latency and state-of-the-art accuracy delivers always highly performing predictions - even in challenging edge environments.


Condition invariant - production stable

MarshallAI's proriatery tech makes it resistant for different environmental conditions (lighting, resolution, raining/snowing) and robust against all known adversarial attacks.