We have won the xTech Global AI Challenge!

Sep 10, 2021

MarshallAI has won the U.S. Department of Defense sponsored AI challenge!

We are proud to announce that we are the winner of the xTech Global AI Challenge! This has been one of the greatest opportunities to work with the defence sector and is a huge milestone for our company.

Early in July 2021, we announced our place in the finals of the competition. During the on-site finals in London September 9th-10th the selected participants had a 20 minutes pitch of their technology concept and team ability. The pitches were scored by a panel of U.S. Department of Defense judges and international subject matter experts.

Our pitch was based on the MarshallAI platform for replication of human sensing by regular users, without any AI or programming expertise. The solution is designed to support situational awareness and computer vision to free human resources to focus on tasks they carry out better than computers. One of our goals was to enable immediate upscaling of tireless and precise visual surveillance in field situations.

Whether the challenges are related to vehicles, airplanes, drones, enemy forces, or the location of other soldiers, this solution can be deployed in environments that require additional eyes. The need for computer vision is global and usually arises unexpectedly and urgently. Our solution can use any type of visual representation of the environment which lowers the risks related to enabling technologies, and the entire platform is built to be operable by an end customer without outside support when necessary.

This type of an optimised solution meets the needs of DoD warfighters and our solution running on edge devices can dynamically multiply the number of eyes on the battlefield when needed. We are not targeting less warfighters, but less worries in the field!

Following the competition we will join the Fedtech accelerator program to further fine-tune the solution with an ultimate goal of a cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense, either directly or through a prime integrator.

“It is super exciting to take part in a broad global competition and learn that your technology and concept is picked out as the winner. I have high hopes that this will further speed up the growth of our company and have probably never been so proud of my colleagues and team as today! I want to congratulate the runner-ups LatticeFlow and Cyber Defense Service and thank the judges and experts for their feedback”, says Marcus Nordström, CEO of MarshallAI.

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