New parking solution makes finding a spot a breeze!

May 31, 2021

MarshallAI’s new parking solution makes finding a spot a breeze

MarshallAI is teaming up with the City of Turku in its ongoing two-year venture to lower the city’s carbon footprint and target issues in traffic management. One part of the Smart and Wise Turku project is to test innovative solutions to make finding parking spots more efficient and thus lowering pollution, saving time and making getting around the city more enjoyable.

MarshallAI has been asked to contribute a machine vision based system for finding and securing parking spaces on the go. Drivers will save time and nerves when they can check for available spots and reserve them in advance. The solution can be tested in central Turku starting from the beginning of June and throughout the summer.

The concept enables drivers to choose from two designated parking spaces in the city center using an online platform and their licence plate number. Cameras equipped with MarshallAI machine vision will recognise free parking spots and reserve one for up to 15 minutes. When a car arrives the same cameras will identify the vehicle using automatic number-plate recognition. In case a different vehicle enters the reserved spot, the system will alert the traffic warden.

The MarshallAI parking system works on the edge and allows seamless compatibility with third party applications. This enables the use of different existing apps for reserving parking spots, paying for the parking and for alerting the traffic warden. The system can be easily scaled up by adding more parking spaces to the network.

The solution will cut down time used to search for parking and enable drivers to use all available parking spots efficiently. This can lower pollution, make better use of existing resources and make getting around the city easier and quicker.

Read more about our Smart City and traffic solutions here.

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