MarshallAI pilots groundbreaking automatic border control

Aug 22, 2021

MarshallAI pilots groundbreaking automatic border control in cooperation with Finnish Customs

The pilot tests new technology to automate freight traffic at border crossings. It takes place on the Finnish-Norwegian border in Kivilompolo and continues throughout the year. Smart technologies are used to digitalize the flow of information, identify transport data and speed up border crossing procedures. Cargo can be monitored in real time and communication between the driver and customs will be enhanced.

“Customs wants to participate in projects that encourage experimenting and that help us make our work more efficient and promote a smooth trade in goods. The aim is that after the pilot project, we will be able to introduce the solution also at other border crossing points”, says Juha Heikkilä, Director of Tornio Customs.

The pilot is carried out as a cooperation between the Finnish and Norwegian Customs, MarshallAI, Caverion and Vedia. MarshallAI has developed the applications and systems that enable the Finnish Customs to receive information about upcoming transactions from Vedia’s CaaS platform and then utilise MarshallAI’s computer vision technology based on camera feeds delivered and installed by Caverion.

“The automation of border processes is a huge opportunity to enable a more convenient experience for the customers. At the same time the authorities can use their resources more efficiently - focusing on tasks that cannot or should not be automated but having the computers carrying out the tasks that they do better than humans. We are keen to continue the journey with the great partners involved in this pilot”, says Marcus Nordström, MarshallAI’s CEO.

The pilot enables the customs to compare information in advance of transportations arriving at the border crossing. When the vehicle arrives, cameras will identify the transport information and forward it to the customs officials for inspection. If the information matches the driver will be allowed to continue the journey uninterrupted. If needed the driver can be directed to a separate lane for more questioning and checkups.

“We are delighted to be providing the entire system to the Finnish Customs. As an experienced public security provider Caverion sees numerous opportunities to expand the developed solution to other regions and operations related to national borders”, says Jussi Aaltojärvi, Head of Security Solutions Business at Caverion.

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