MarshallAI announces Rugged Edge Intelligence Device

Sep 30, 2019

MarshallAI announces Rugged Edge Intelligence Device known as REID

MarshallAI REID™ is specially designed for remote monitoring in challenging environments. It encapsulates the power of deep learning and extends remarkably existing capabilities of rugged camera and audio sensors on the market.

Early adopters of REID™ have mainly been smart cities whose first requirement has been a standalone device which can operate under challenging weather conditions and can be deployed on-demand to temporarily collect required information about the environment. REID™ has been used to count the number and type of objects such as people or cars in the area to alert if the limit is exceeded or dwell time is too high.

REID™ has native face recognition capability so it can also be used by authorities to alert if a person of interest (POI) is identified. REID™ has been designed to meet the highest privacy and security standards. POIs are saved in the form of encrypted vectors and if the device is lost to malicious actors, it’s guaranteed that no usable information can be retrieved from the device.

In addition to vision capabilities, REID™ is capable of detecting and classifying sounds, such as breaking glass, gun shots, speech, as well as recognising words and even sentences.

The device has been built in tight co-operation with our high demanding customers. Sami Paihonen, CTO of Savox Communications describes REID™ in the following words:

“It’s an amazing device for multiple cases, e.g. in recon operations it allows gathering intel through data and AI which would be harder to obtain otherwise.”

That’s possible due to the rugged capabilities of REID™. It has a temperature range of -25° to +50°, so it works perfectly in the ruthless winter conditions. With its optimised energy consumption and durable batteries REID™ can survive days without contact with field operators.

REID™ can operate with and without connectivity. Depending on the use case it can communicate over SMS, 4G/5G and wifi.

Marcus Nordström, CEO of the company reveals that in the future the device itself will be much smaller and the battery life even longer. He also mentions that new capabilities, especially processing audio with challenging background noise, is one of the core R&D areas.

Interested to learn more?

Schedule your personal demo at a tradeshow this autumn! First up is FinnSec 2019 in Helsinki 2.-3.10. As REID demos are by invitation only, please contact

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