Transportation hubs

Increased security, better customer experience and passenger safety.

  • Use Existing camera
  • Use Existing hardware
  • Plug-and-Play
  • GDPR compliant

Airports, train & metro stations, ferry terminals and similar crowded hubs are all today subject to increasing security measures.

While the presence of security guards and security checks are inevitable, many elements that increase the physical security are most efficient when done automatically with computer vision.

Our transportation hub solutions range from traffic monitoring to abandoned luggage detection, all aiming at increased security and an efficient customer flow. The solutions can be integrated to existing softwares used in control centers and can often use the existing surveillance cameras installed at the site.


Existing solutions include:

  • Identification of prohibited items, like firearms or knives
  • Alert security staff as soon as luggage is left alone
  • Monitor vehicles stopping at forbidden zones
  • Measure queues, waiting times and visitor amounts
  • Notify when a passenger or vehicle moves in a forbidden direction