A new intelligent layer to further improve physical security.

  • Use Existing camera
  • Use Existing hardware
  • Plug-and-Play
  • GDPR compliant

Whether the location is public or private, the bottom line task is the same; prevent unauthorised access, prevent certain actions and prevent prohibited items from entering the site.

Power plants, warehouses, presidential residences and airports share the same interest to keep threats outside and the persons, intellectual property and goods safe and secure at the site.

We often call MarshallAI the intelligent layer of physical security. Our computer vision capabilities automates monitoring that often is manual today. Human surveillance is error-prone; people get tired, computers do not. Still they can identify persons and objects in the same way as the human eye.


Some of our security related off-the-shelf, plug & play solutions:

  • Locate persons of interest with face recognition while preserving others privacy
  • Identification of prohibited or abandoned items, e.g. luggage and firearms
  • Detect persons moving in forbidden directions or to prohibited areas
  • Suspicious behavior

+ Support for VPN connected, scalable, multi-site command center