Public security and safety

Easier to make educated decisions, increased public security and safety.

The concerns and challenges around public security and safety have unfortunately never been more current than today.

The threats are ever changing and the organisations making our everyday life safe are under high pressure. The amount of data to process is huge, both in preventive surveillance and reactive person search situations.

With MarshallAI we can ease this task by automatic processing, highlighting only the potential threats and matches for the public security professionals. It might be identification of unattended bags in a risky area or a car entering an area it should not enter. Suspicious behavior, person search, prohibited items and loitering are other examples of topics where computer vision brings added value.


Exisiting public security solutions include:

  • People or vehicles turning around at a security check
  • Loitering at suspicious locations
  • Identification of prohibited items
  • Person search in large crowds