Increased security, improved workplace safety and PPE identification.

Different manufactoring environments share certain key requirements and related risks.

Most often certain protective equipment should be used, as a last resort if things go wrong. Usually there are also areas with restricted access, where machinery and people meet, increasing the risks and related requirements.

Using the computer vision in the MarshallAI platform you can automatically identify potential vulnerabilities, in order to take precautionary actions. An immediate risk can sometimes be identified simply by the presence of a certain object at a certain time. It might be a worker in proximity of a machine at the wrong time. In other cases immediate risks are better identified if an object is present without related objects, e.g. employees without needed PPE.


Solutions safeguarding others today include:

  • Identification of persons close to unloading trucks
  • Monitoring of personal protective equipment usage
  • Alerting of speeding vehicles
  • Unauthorised persons entering restricted areas