Commercial real estate

Advanced flow and people analytics, improved safety and customer understanding.

Measure traffic and flows, identify peaks and bottlenecks and introduce new advanced KPIs.

Addressing forbidden parking in front of a commercial property immediately as it happens, providing shopper volumes for retailers in a mall and sending security personel to a location with suspicious behavior are just a few examples.

With MarshallAI you can increase the security, deepen your customer understanding and measure different traffic flows, no matter if it is cars, visitors or shopping bags. All data can be used as stand-alone analytics or can be added as triggers to third-party systems, e.g. security operations.


Already implemented off-the-shelf solutions include:

  • Count visitors in buildings and people on streets
  • Alert security staff about suspicious behaviour and threats
  • Monitor vehicle movement and parking at drop-off zones
  • Measure how many of the visitors leaves with a shopping bag